‘Imperfect’ is a necklace collection of string pearl beads threaded on pure silk cord. At certain intervals, the cord is exposed. When the pieces are worn over clothes of similar color to the silk cord, the silk cord will blend with the clothes and disappear, allowing the pearls to float on the clothes while still drawing an overall form.
Although this form is imperfect due to the visual interruptions along the necklace, the form of the necklace as a whole is clearly defined as our mind can connect the pearls with imaginary lines in place of the missing pearls.
To imagine these invisible lines along the “imperfections” intensifies one’s awareness of how beautiful the form of a necklace on the body is.
In this sense, these “imperfections” engender a kind of sexiness which emphasizes the fragile beauty of femininity.

Material: Swarovski Crystal Pearl, pure silk cord, silver

Look Book (PDF, 1.1MB)

Photography: Yosuke Demukai
Hair, Make up & Styling: Miyuki Oya
Model: Mari Hayakawa
All clothes: by courtesy of KONK Berlin