In everyday life, you sometimes encounter a still, thus breathtakingly beautiful scene - the silhouette of naked tree branches being cut out against a blue sky, a pile of stones on the streets in different colors and shapes that looks like an unintended sculpture, a flock of flying birds forming a geometrical pattern in sunset glow. The everyday objects occasionally compose some beautiful forms, existing quietly and timelessly, within the scenery which is changing and passing by everyday.

`Still` is a necklace collection inspired by these experiences. The different types of stones compose a beautiful geometrical form on the body, by influencing each other. The form floats quietly on the chest, in the mean time, natural and sensitive colors and textures of the stones bring an elegance within tension.

chain: silver or 18K yellow gold plated silver

Look Book (PDF, 1.1MB)

photography : Sylvia Steinhäuser
hair & make up: Miyuki Oya
model: Sophie (23 management)