Sweet Tension

In a exquisite balance, the silver chain and stones are streching each other on the chest.
It makes a delicate and sweet tension with the fine lines and the pale tone of a color.
Two color variations -“Verdure Blue“ and“Spring Rose“- are available.

Storage tip for the silver necklaces:
The necklace is made from fine silver chain that is very fragile. Please do not pull the chain strongly.

Silver is tarnished by sulfur containing elements such as wool, felt, food (onions, eggs, and mayonnaise), fossil fuels, rubber bands, latex gloves, carpet padding, and certain paints. Tarnish can be accelerated in a humid environment. Salts, sweat, from foods, bodily oils, or natural elements (the ocean air) are corrosive elements and therefore a danger to silver.

We recommend the following methods for caring for your silver jewelry

1. Do not wear the silver jewelry while taking shower and sauna, swimming, playing sports and sleeping.
2. Each time after wearing the silver jewelry, softly wash it by hand with sodium bicarbonate (ex. baking soda) to remove the sweat and dirt, and alkalis of the sodium dicarbonate neutralize sulogide of silver. Leaving it without washing would couse the chain to be broken.
3. After washing, quick wipe away the water, and keep the jewelry in a plastic bag. Minimal exposure to air when not in use is the best way to keep your jewelry looking new!

In cace of breakage, please contact us. We would repair the neckalce.