"with color"   "with pencil"

"with color"
With some glass beads, precious stones and gold plated chain, I create the jewelries like draw with paints.
The jewelries dance on your neck with many kinds of materials and colors.
The unsymmetrical rhythm of colors will take you to new feeling and make you happy.

"with pencil"
With oxidized silver chain and onyx, I create the jewelries like draw with a pencil.
The noble black of oxidized silver chain and onyx shine on your neck deeply.
The fine black lines which drawn on your neck in exquisite balance will give you elegance and intelligence.

Look Book (PDF, 754KB)

Storage tip for the gold plated jewelry:
1, Do not wear the gold plated jewelry while taking shower and sauna, swimming and playing sports.
2, Once in a while, quick and softly wipe away sweat and dirt from the jewelry with a soft cloth.
3, If the jewelry is getting dirty, clean it with dish detergent.
4, Do not polish the gold plated jewelry! The more you polish, the more the plate is worn away.
5, Keep your jewelry in a plastic bag. Minimal exposure to air when not in use is the best way to keep your jewelry looking new!