Gathering Jewelry

aluminum, paper
crushing with your hand

I would like you to enjoy this jewelry by putting the aluminum plate on your body and crushing it together with your clothes to hold on. This enables you to change the look of your clothes by creating fluid folds on them.

This plate transforms the style of your clothes in many different ways, depending on not only your everyday emotions, but also the pattern or design of the plate, including new patterns of the plate drawn by crush as well as metal fatigue itself. You can enjoy an unlimited amount of designs on the aluminum plate and clothes since they never change in the same way.

It is my intention to make this jewelry enjoyably sensual, to let your hand touch and feel your body line (or silhouette of your clothes) with this plate and then to redefine it through crushing. By doing so, you find the idea of your everyday clothes destroyed and / or turned into something new with the beautiful gathers which you could not imagine or predict. The gathers made by the redefinition of the crush creates a new body line (or silhouette of your clothes) and wraps you up for the day.

The key message or objective of this jewelry is that you can create a 'today' or a new you by destroying 'your daily life' or 'the past'.

Since it is made of metal, this aluminum plate becomes cracked or broken so that you can't hold or even wear it permanently. If this occurs, I would like you to throw it away and use a new one. This is partially because I am afraid of the sharp edges of broken metal. But more importantly, it is because I am afraid that the broken jewelry may end up becoming or being stagnant as 'your daily life' or 'the past' by continuing to use it.

>> Collaboration Work with Rachel de Joode