Jewelry Hunting -card-

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The ‘Jewelry Hunting -card-’ is one derived work from 'Jewelry Hunting' project. This is a package including information and a photograph of a particular jewelry hunted by artist and founder of 'Jewelry Hunting', Naoko Ogawa.
The cards are released as limited edition.

How to use the ‘Jewelry Hunting -card-’

1, Check the information
If you get the ‘Jewelry Hunting -card-', you will find some details about the hunted jewelry. Please read through the information and check where, when and how you can experience the jewelry.

2, Visit the location
If you would like to witness the jewelry first-hand, you can visit the location yourself by using the card.

3, Follow the information
Please make sure you carefuly follow the recorded information, including the date, position, time and weather.

4, Find the jewelry
With some luck, you will locate and “wear” the jewelry.

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