optical acrylic glass, silver, steel

We live within an endless progression of space and time. As our surroundings constantly change, so too does our relation with it.

For instance, light.
Morning breaks and the sun rises. It shines brightly upon everything. If you go outside, you will see the shadows of leafy trees flickering in wind. The sun sets in a blaze of orange, and night descends into purple darkness. When you turn on the light in your house, it illuminates shapes and casts shadows.

With "Luminous", you could wear the changing light as an ornament.

The light of the jewelry changes according to the movement of the wearer, much like the way light dances on a curve of a body.

Enjoy sharing this casually lovely moment with those around you.

It is my hope that the jewelry will bring pleasure to you and those in your company. People will admire your glow and in their admiration, you will become "luminous".

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Photographs by Rachel de Joode